Editing Profile

Depending on the membership level, My Page is divided into the display ‘Account’ and ‘Profile’.
Free basic members are shown as ‘Account’, while Executive members and 30 Day Trial members are shown as ‘Profile’.

The content that can be edited is also different, so let’s take a look at how they differ.

My Page for Free Basic Members

If you are a Free Basic Member and log in, you will see this screen.
Click on ‘Account’.

This is the My Page for Free Basic Members.

You can only edit your email address and password.
When you have finished editing, be sure to click on ‘Update Account’.

My Page for Executive Members

If you are an Executive Member and log in, you will see this screen.
Click on ‘Profile’.

This is the My Page for Executive Members. Click on the gear symbol on the right.

You will see a display like this.

If you want to edit your profile, click ‘Edit Profile’.

In the registration guide, it says: “Once registered, you can only edit your password and email address.” but once you become an executive member, you will be able to edit all items.

You can edit and update the primary photo and self-introduction.

Executive members are also able to upload an introductory video.
A video is much more informative than a photo and gives you a much better chance of attracting Japanese women’s interest.

The second and third photos can also be replaced at any time.

You can also fill in the field ‘Ideal Partner’ and all of this can be edited afterwards.

My Page for 30 Day Trial Members

My page for 30 Day Trial Members is the same as for Executive Members.

The differences between an executive member are:

  • After 30 days, your account will revert to that of a free member.
  • You will no longer be able to access ’Profile’, which you had previously been able to access.
  • Profile editing is no longer possible.

If you want to continue to be able to edit your profile at any time, you can upgrade to an executive membership and you will have full access to My Page as before.

Why you need to edit your profile?

We are constantly evolving and growing. The way we describe ourselves will change, and the kind of relationships we want to build may also change. As you express your latest self, the women you attract will be different too.

Free basic members cannot change their profile, but executive members and 30 day trial members can edit their profiles at any time.
Please express yourself as you are now and attract the right woman for you now.