User Guide ( English)

OzMatch, an Australian and Japanese Introduction Agency, provides a membership site.
To ensure that you make the most of it safely and effectively, here are some tips to keep in mind when registering.

Purpose of registration

The OzMatch membership website is not just designed to help you find a partner. It is also a place for each member to express his or her own attractiveness.
Please express your attractiveness to your future partner with your self- introduction and your photos.

Check the ‘Terms of Use’.

Please read the ‘Terms of Use’ before you start registering.

Click here to view the Terms and Use

How to register

When registering, please note the following:

The information entered cannot be changed later

Entry fields are as follows:

  • User ID
  • Surname
  • First name
  • Profile name (this will be the name displayed on your profile)
  • Email address
  • Password
  • Date of birth
  • Country, state (province) and city of current residence
  • Photographs (maximum of three)
  • Self-introductory
  • Hobbies/interests

Free Basic Members cannot change any of the above entries later, except for the password and email address.
If you have knowingly or accidentally entered untrue information, you will have to contact OzMatch to make the change.
Please make sure that your registration details are correct before proceeding.

Do not use real names as user names

The username is directly displayed as part of the URL of your profile page. If you use your real name as your username, it is the same as revealing your name to the public.

Please enter letters and numbers that are not related to your real name or e-mail address. If a real name or e-mail address is used as the user name, your registration will not be approved.

Profile name is the name displayed

Your profile name is the name that appears on our membership site. Please do not use your full name to protect your privacy. If a real name or e-mail address is used as the profile name, your registration will not be approved.

When you attend our popular Online Speed Dating Event, you will be asked to use your profile name. Profile names that are too long will not be remembered. We recommend that you choose a name that is familiar, easy to remember and pronounce.

Date of birth is not shown

There is a field for you to enter your date of birth, but your date of birth is not displayed. It is displayed as your age on the OzMatch Membership Site.


If the self-introduction is too short, approval may not be granted. If we find language in the text that we consider inappropriate, we will not be able to approve your membership, too.
Please try to write a self-introduction that is unique to you and attract Japanese female members.

  • Aim to write 100-200 words.
  • Always check for spelling mistakes.
  • Do not include your email address, FB, Instagram or website links as these will not be approved.


Up to three photos can be uploaded. It is not necessary to upload three photos, but the first photo of the face is mandatory.
Photographs must have been taken within the past year.

The first photo is from chest to head
  • The face must be clearly visible
  • The image must be clear
  • You are not wearing sunglasses or a hat that obscures your face.
  • You must be wearing clothes.
  • No family or friends in the picture next to them.

Photo examples

The second and third photos show your lifestyle
  • The image must be clear.
  • Not be a landscape photograph (you are the main subject, not the landscape)
  • Not be a food photo (you are the main subject, not the food)
  • Do not be a pet photo (you are the main subject, not your pet)
  • You must be in the picture.
  • If there are a third person / people in the picture , their faces should be covered.

Photo examples

Hobbies / Interests

Your hobbies are as important as your self-introduction in getting people interested in you. Don’t be afraid to write about your interests, whether you are good at them or not.

Words are easier to understand visually and catch Japanese female member’ attention than long sentences.


You can unsubscribe at any time, but you must contact OzMatch by email when you unsubscribe.
If you do not contact OzMatch, your name may disappear from our membership site, but your name will remain on the OzMatch membership list and mailing list as a member.